Access to Basic Rights and Services

In education, I worked with grassroots organizations and donors to assess the relevance of their programs and to design more relevant support. I‘ve supported organizations using art for education, promoting continuing education for girls in rural areas and working with at risk young women for their reinsertion into the educational system. I’ve also supported a leading community education model to scale up at a national level and worked with educational organizations to diversify their funding and design income generation activities to ensure their sustainability. This is in addition to designing education programs in countries affected by humanitarian crises.

In health, I worked mostly on advocacy, facilitating workshops for the Egyptian Health Coalition to set an agenda for their work (post Arab Spring). I’ve also supported a leading maternal health organization to develop its theory of change, guiding its strategic planning process. Additionally, I’ve supported organizations promoting better mental health for inmates, refugees and migrant workers through art therapy.

I’ve also helped to build investment cases for leading social enterprises facilitating access to affordable housing and telecommunication services.

Organizations: Ashoka, Provive, Rhizomatica, CARE International, Global Fund for Children, Drosos Foundation, Catharsis, Nacional Monte de Piedad.



I’ve evaluated livelihood programs across a number of sectors, stakeholders and regions, redesigning said programs for stronger and more sustainable impacts. 

With a focus on economic inclusion, I’ve supported design and evaluation programs for the training and employment of youth, women, people with disabilities, at risk youth and former inmates. I’ve also worked with small and medium enterprise development through capacity building and microcredit, as well as with programs boosting economic resilience in disaster or conflict affected countries.

I‘ve worked closely with several social enterprises, social businesses and hybrid businesses to balance profit and social impact. I also have strong experience in agribusiness, fisheries and boosting livelihoods in rural communities. This includes leading the replication of a leading farmer’s market in the Middle East following a social business model and working with a sustainable fishing business to document its impact, as part of its process of B Corp. certification.

Organizations: InterAmerican Development Bank, Mercy Corps, Drosos Foundation, Smart Fish, Qatar’s National Food Security Program, Souk El Tayeb.

Humanitarian Assistance

Throughout my career, I’ve supported organizations working in migration at different levels. This ranged from evaluating services provided for refugees during their asylum process (with a focus on unaccompanied minor migrants) to helping organizations working in advocacy to develop their theories of change and outcome maps and to set monitoring and results indicators.

I’ve worked with international organizations to design cash for work programs, water, hygiene and sanitation programs and the rehabilitation of educational facilities in countries suffering humanitarian crises. 

I’ve evaluated programs supporting microenterprise in crisis-affected countries and generated recommendations for the improved implementation of these programs. I’ve also supported the Joint Standards Initiative in an international consultation which aimed to update the standards (Sphere, People in Aid, HAP) and improve their adequacy in different contexts. 

Organizations: United National High Commission for Refugees, Joint Standards Initiative, CARE International Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, Central America and Mexico Migration Alliance.

Civic Engagement 

I’ve facilitated the co-design of a collective impact model for civic engagement and advocacy in the Sierra Mixteca in Mexico and conducted a baseline study on the state of civic engagement.  

I’ve also helped organizations working on inclusion, migration and maternal health to develop their advocacy strategies. 

Organizations: European Commission, AVSI People for Development, Open Society Institute, Central America and Mexico Migration Alliance.

Social innovation

My work in social innovation and entrepreneurship spans the whole ecosystem. This includes researching social entrepreneurship ecosystems in different countries to identify gaps, guiding the design of new support programs and improving existing services. I’ve also supported incubators, accelerators and investment funds in designing their services and assessing their impact, and I was a panelist for renowned social entrepreneurship competitions.

I’ve provided training and mentoring for social entrepreneurs on topics such as needs assessment, theory of change and impact assessment, among others. 

I’ve also helped social enterprises to scale up their social interventions and to document their business models, and I’ve advised social investors on their investments. 

Organizations: Ashoka, Synergos, Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, USAID, Make Sense, Nahdet El Mahrousa.



I’ve designed and implemented an urban spaces and sustainable mobility campaign and raised funds for the volunteer-led initiative.

I’ve conducted ESIAs (environmental and social impact assessments) for energy sector companies in compliance with Mexican regulations and in alignment with Equator Principles and the International Finance Corporation Standards. 

On top of that, I’ve worked closely with social businesses working on conservation and sustainable fishing in the Bahía Magdalena area (Baja California, Mexico).

I’ve also worked closely with government agencies and international organizations overseeing the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, a protocol regulating access to genetic resources, conducting a diagnostic study for the different parties subject to the protocol and guiding the design of a communication strategy addressing the different stakeholders.

Organizations: United National Development Program, Mexican Ministry of Environment.