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I’ve evaluated livelihood programs across a number of sectors, stakeholders and regions, redesigning said programs for stronger and more sustainable impacts.

With a focus on economic inclusion, I’ve supported design and evaluation programs for the training and employment of youth, women, people with disabilities, at risk youth and former inmates.

I’ve also worked with small and medium enterprise development through capacity building and microcredit, as well as with programs boosting economic resilience in disaster or conflict affected countries.
I‘ve worked closely with several social enterprises, social businesses and hybrid businesses to balance profit and social impact.

I also have strong experience in agribusiness, fisheries and boosting livelihoods in rural communities. This includes leading the replication of a leading farmer’s market in the Middle East following a social business model and working with a sustainable fishing business to document its impact, as part of its process of B Corp. certification.

Organizations: InterAmerican Development Bank, Mercy Corps, Drosos Foundation, Smart Fish, Qatar’s National Food Security Program, Souk El Tayeb.