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Building on the power of collective knowledge & diversity. 

I work with a group of multidisciplinary and multicultural professionals. We are not a company, we are a collective. We work together when interesting opportunities emerge along our complementary skills and fields of specialization.

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Alex Soto

Facilitator of collaborative teams, consultant of organizational culture and mentor in social entrepreneurship. Undertaking cooperative structures and decentralized governance as a way to distribute power among all stakeholders.

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Lauren Klein

 Artist, stylist, designer, and the founder of Aesthetic Autonomy.
Lauren is working on enhancing services and trades to contribute to positive, just, preferred futures. 
In support of Plural, Womanist Futures.

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Lorena Luna

Researcher, a facilitator and a community builder. Developing social businesses in Mexico and Latin America. She has worked with teams in Asia, Europe and the United States; building and designing new solutions for evolving challenges. 

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